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The API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface for creating applications. You might say it is an index of ready-code that simplifies the work of the software developer.

 As an interface, the API allows developers to use pre-written lines of code to create their applications. In regard to web applications, the API is an alternative method of delivering data to standard HTML.

 We currently support two methods of integrating applications. WebSocket API allows you to create web applications for directing calls in real-time. HTTP API is used for receiving and processing statistical information.

 OnlinePBX also has web hooks. They confirmed third-party services about changes in the PBX.

(warning) Mail for your questions:


WebSockets API 2.0 (eng. version)

HTTP API 1.0 (eng. version)

Addon API 1.0 [beta] (eng. version)

Callback API 0.2 [beta] (eng. version)

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